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Awesome! Thank you for sharing this.

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Sheila - that is wonderful! I saw the change growing in you over the past few years at WOF. I figured it was only a matter of time. For me, this year was the most profound of a change I believe as you stuck mostly with teaching and less with story telling. I like your new voice. I believe it's always been there, and I love that you are using it.

I totally understand what you mean about the hours just slip away. They do don't they? -- I've had to learn how to break away to remember to do laundry sometimes. I saw Jans post above and it reminded my of my early days studying precepts in the 90's. I'd get lost in those pages for hours at a time, loved every minute of it, and so very changed by it. Today, I get to lead precepts courses and I'm still digging and losing track of time. It fills me up and I love that.

I'm sure this new study will bless the socks off the ladies who do it. Blessings

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One piece of advice i learned at the summit I went to is if I charge the host say $1,000 to be there I better make sure I bring a thousand dollar talk. That kind of stuff is important. I'm just starting out in my new field and I know my skill set, I don't over sell what I can bring if that makes sense. But I do have goals and when I achieve those goals I can raise my price with confidence. I recently hired a rather new comic for an outreach event and offered him $100 for 15 minutes. He wanted to come for free and - because of what I learned - I told him no. I don't want his free show, I want his $100 show. I scared him to death and may need to hire someone else to open -- again I learned that at the summit.
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Absolutely. And the same is true when it falls short -- people talk about it. On a positive note, I invested several thousand dollars (including conference costs, travel, and hotel) in a communications summit and in a communications workshop that achieved excellence. I've known of the presenter for years, I want what he has (skill set wise) and I was willing to pay to sit at his feet for a couple weeks and learn. Those events when beyond my expectations and I'll go back in a few years to tweak and learn more. It was worth it for me. I will add the size of the venue should not matter - excellence is what you should bring no matter where you are.
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This message gets pounded home a lot in my CCA circle. (comedy) Christian Artists have a strong learning curve in the arts industry and we do. Excellence matters, whether it's music, conferences, movies, stand up, books, whatever. People will pay for quality. If people aren't coming to your shows, there is a reason for it ;maybe it's because we (the artist) made it about us and forgot about them like you said. I've seen that happen.

There is room in the business for the middle price artists and crowds to be sure - but if you want to play the big arenas and sell them out -- you need to reach higher, dig deeper, and bring more than just yourself. I believe anyway.

Good post Spence. This is an idea that really needs to be thought about.

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Spence this is great. While my teens love the lower dollar tours you are talking about the artists aren't for me. BUT they get to have a great night at a reasonable cost. As for the other artists, I know exactly what you are talking about. I saw Smitty with Steven Curtis Chapman last time he came through Tulsa and yes, WOW is right. Third Day also continues to deliver. I missed U2 only because Bono cancelled his last tour due to a back injury - but yes, I'd see them at that price to be sure.

I go to Women of Faith every year even though it is the most expensive women's conference coming through Oklahoma (by about double) because it's that good and it's worth it all the way around. Once I get a new gal to save up and come with me, they are in it for life. I believe that quality is equal to experience.

continued below -
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Great post Michele. I can remember a time when Jeff and I were learning how to talk through conflicts we had a token that marked who had the floor. As long as the person talking was holding onto that token they had the floor. Good things to remember up here. I especially like your last statement, "Dont' fight to win, fight for the relationship." great point.

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what holds me back? My sometimes neurotic, insecure, people pleasing self - when I'm honest. Other times, I'm with Randy -- it's learning how to say no to good stuff, even though it's good, so that I can have the time for God's best. I spent most of the past 12 months being sick and not knowing what was wrong. Now that I've had my surgery to correct it, I'm feeling selfish in my cutting out the excesses of my calender - but it's worth it in the long run and feelings aren't facts. I've had to change my focus from wide - but shallow - to daring to swim in deeper waters. I like to touch bottom when in the water, both literally and figuratively. This year, I get to learn how to swim. It's an adventure to say the least. Great thoughts Spence.

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Part 2 of 2 - What is amazing to me is the Grace that flows from His thrown. The mistake I made during that season was refusing to let go of my bootstraps (my pride) I lived and ministered from need, and with secrets. I thought I’d failed my mission when in reality, He needed to make a new thing with this clay jar. I wasn’t being rejected, I was being molded. So there you have it Mr. Hyatt. Do I deserve the book based on my own merit? No. I don’t. I do desire it however. With God’s grace and by His will, I’m living my second chance. I’m living in a season of active repentance from fear, self pity, remorse, and false shame. I’m trying again, to minister, teach, and write, from a new heart and with a new spirit. That is all I bring to this table today. Please choose me as one of the people who receives a copy of The Heart Mender. Thank you.

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Part 1 - Mr. Hyatt, I’ll be honest. I’ve never read a single Andy Andrews book in my life, and my internal thought process is whispering along the lines of: “Who are you to ask for a book, an autographed book no less, when you‘ve never even read his books before. Let a fan do that.” I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve decided not to listen to that voice today. False shame isn’t going to help either of us.

Second chances and forgiveness is the story of my life right now. I did not grow up in a Christian home. I was so hungry for truth that I devoured Christian books as a teenager. I used to dream of paying that forward one day. I signed up for the Christian Writer’s Guild’s classes seven years ago and even took a part time job in a local church to pay for them. I was warned about Spiritual war-fare, but I was not prepared for the storm. I never finished my classes. I told God to call someone else and tried to quit ministry altogether. To say that I felt like a failure to God, to myself and to everyone else would be an understatement.