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Περίμενα οτι η ιστορία θα τελειώνε με εσένα να καρφωνώσουν σε μία κολώνα λόγο των καθυστερημένων αντανακλαστικών σου, αλλά το αντικλιμακτικό τέλος απογοήτεψε.

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My mistake, the dotCommunist manifesto is linked. The teleKommunist Manifesto is a bit similar and I think I've talked to the guy who wrote it :)

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I've never seen an anarcho-communist who rejects the LTV.

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You say nothing of substance in this post, other than some vague promises that MRAs are becoming a force to be reckoned with (lolwut), which I find hard to believe given how MRAs do no "A" at all. But do keep deluding yourself that you're relevant outside your internet soapboxes.

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Poetic? No. Ironic? Perhaps slightly. But unlike the Sony case, their latest acts do seem just mindless, so I can't endorse them in any way.

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Not all males are raped in prison (in fact from what I have heard from people in max security prisons, being raped is not that big a concern for most) and being raped in prison is not an explicit part of the punishment for being falsely accused. It happens to everyone and it's especially a problem created by rape culture in which rape is trivialized and considered mild enough to be deserved as punishment.

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If there are not enough people who want to clean toilets, then either they're going to find a way to automate it (being disconnected from the profit motive allows one to pursue goals that help them personally), or make toilet cleaning a shared chore, so that everyone has to do a little of it, so that nobody has to do a lot of it (think of it how you share toilet cleaning at home)

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I can find damning quotes from people like Bill Gates, Steve Balmer and the like. It does not mean anything. See what RMS says, pick what you think is right and argue why the rest isn't

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Hmm, for some reason my dashboard is now telling me that I don't have IDC installed on any blogs

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If they want to avoid getting taxed, they need to stay in another country. As far as I understand it at least.