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if you're actually solving a problem, why not just tell people what it's about?

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What about good ol' couchsurfing? it was, like, airbnb, before money took hold of the concept..

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Great find! I always wondered as a kid why people didn't just evaporate and recondense sea water if they wanted drinking water...

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When a strawberry is good, it's *really* good. Just sayin'.

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Glad everything is working out for the best.

Also, I am SO confused about Thad Allen. I thought he retired? If so, what is an "Incident Commander"? (Who does he work for/get paid by/answer to now?)

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What makes you say that? Highspeed rail is much faster than cars, and much easier for regional travel than airport hassle...

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Hi- we don't have anything to do with the publication of this book. Please contact the publishers directly.

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whoa, those are awesome. good find!

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"The firm, Boots and Coots, focuses on oil spill prevention and blowout response. Now, it is assisting with the relief well work – under contract to BP – to help stop the Gulf oil spill." - is the Christian Science Monitor wrong too? I just posted the article to elicit a conversation, and that it did -- I'm much more informed than I was. And have come to believe that it was just a smart business decision, especially since Halliburton knew that BP was disregarding best practices.

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After a great discussion on Reddit (they do their homework!) I think I'm leaning toward the opinion that it was just a really smart business move by Halliburton. Boots & Coots is apparently the A-team of putting out oil fires and measuring well pressures, and it sounds like BP disregarded Halliburton's actually very responsible safety measures on the Deep Horizon. Knowing that BP was doing this, this acquisition is a cheap hedge on a huge disaster, and ongoing disasters from here on out. Halliburtoners are just really good at what they do.