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Awesome, congrats! (And thanks for the recent link love.)

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Guess Gruber liked my proposal back in October. ;)

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I have an alternate theory... A variant of the 7.7 will be branded the Amazon Tablet in the US, hence no stateside Samsung plans and the device was hidden after the TechCrunch leak.

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What is that, a Hypercard screenshot?

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I'd like to think my coverage has been reasonable. For me, Netflix isn't compelling enough for a 60% price hike. Actually, the disc rentals may be (aside from that Blu-ray surcharge). But I don't value their streaming service enough to carry on. HBO Go and Hulu Plus better suit my needs.

Also, not enough folks are talking about Crackle - it's got commercials and streams in SD, but they offer all sorts of compelling Sony content for iPhone, Roku, and other platforms.

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How are violations detected/determined and can a consumer appeal a notice of content theft? No system is infallible... Also, what happens after the sixth notice?

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If you pay something like $20/year there are no ads. I've moved to Gmail as of about a year ago, but keep paying for some reason. It looks sharp.

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The content is not available anywhere on the Internet. Only within your home. But you're right, it needs to move from Cablevision's network to a home IP network for the iPad to pick it up via WiFi.

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I, for one, don't have TVs or cable outlets in my kitchen or patio. Nor do I want them or the clutter of a cablebox in those locations. However, I'd enjoy catching some casual television on my wife's iPad there.

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Yep, I've given up on Adobe products. Tried Acorn for awhile as a Photoshop replacement on OS X, but have settled on Pixelmator. It's cheaper and less resource intensive than Photoshop. It was a difficult transition given my ten years with Photoshop, but it meets most of my needs. So I'm in agreement, it'd be nice to see more full fledged photo editing apps on iOS devices... not made by Adobe.