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It's not tied to your device. I got a Nexus S yesterday to replace my dead Galaxy S, I went to gameloft.com on my phone and logged in with my account and downloaded a bunch of games I had purchased for the Galaxy S and they all worked with no issue.
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You missed my point.

There is no guarantee for games to work on future devices. It will obviously work the device you bought it for, I never said it wouldn't. I was talking about the next device you buy and the fact that there is no guarantee it will work on it. The developer will have to add support for it and add it to the list of compatible devices.

More and more apps and games are being targeted at specific devices these days and the updates Google added recently allows developers to more specifically target them. Going forward the just because it's an Android device and you bought it from the Market doesn't give you any guarantee. Especially with 3D games which will be optimized for a specific chipset, for example any Tegra 2 game.

I'm hoping it doesn't get that bad but I'm not fooling myself into believing every app and game I buy on my current phone will work on new devices.
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They haven't updated all their games to support the Galaxy S2 and you would have the same issue in the Market.

At Google IO they announced lots of updates to the Android Market and one of them was the ability to more precisely target specific phones.

So if you buy Modern Combat 2 from the market today and use it on your Galaxy S 2. Then next year you buy the latest and greatest phone. If Gameloft has not added that new phone to the list of compatible phones with Modern Combat 2, you won't be able to download it and it won't even show up in the market on your phone.

Just bear in mind going forward that if your buying a 3D game there is no guarantee it will work on new hardware down the line, even if it was bought from the market.

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Not really, there are already multiple versions of some games on the market like the regular Fruit Ninja and one for Tegra 2 devices. Now instead of two different listings they could have just one listing and if you have a Tegra 2 device it automatically downloads that version of the APK and if you don't, then it just downloads the regular version.

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Well than prepare to not give a shit about the HTC Sensation as it's most likely going to have a locked bootloader as well.

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What does the fragments api have to do with Ice Cream? The ability to take an app and make it work on phones and tablets was added with the Honeycomb SDK and it supports devices as far back as 1.6.

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Ive had this option on my phone since last year, not entirely news at this point.

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Nothing Apple did with iPad 2 was amazing or revolutionary. It was a very predictable upgrade.

They had to know what was going to be announced so I can't see how any company in their right mind could be surprised by Apple's announcement and be forced to make changes so close to launch. It just doesn't make sense.

I think something was taken out of context and was lost in translation.
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No way, paper comics are a thing of the past. More expensive and they take up too much space once your collection gets going. Like everything else digital is where its ay. I have been using Comixology and it does a great job of presenting a comic on a phone. If you have a tablet, all the more reason to get digital comics.

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Well only the racing game uses motion control, so just turn motion control off and use an on screen steering wheel and then your fine. The 3DS has an accelerometer so I'm not sure, so I'm not sure how developers are going to use that without the same issue. I'm not seeing a disadvantage with the phone compared to the 3DS.