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It's great that you have a man who is willing to take care of you from the jump, even though you weren't necessarily looking for that. As an independent woman I feel you, and sometimes I get tired and wish I had that.

I also know from experience that living with a man unmarried and living with the same man after you're married are different. They just are. I hope that you will find what you're looking for wrt your own place and your own developing career. If you have a plan and you work the plan, everything will turn out alright in the end.

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Dang, girl, you didn't like Janet's performance? I thought the last scene with her and her husband sitting on opposite sides of the bed was a bit unrealistic, but overall I didn't have a problem with her. What I had a problem with was Tyler casting my man Ealy as a drunken vet/abuser/murderer-- it hurt my feelings. I agree that Kerry and Hill's storyline was forgettable. And Kimberly Elise, as magnificent as she was, seems to ALWAYS have to deal with tragedy in her TP roles :/ But I think she, Thandie, and Anika KILLED it. Anika was so happy and full of light (I could see the Princess Tiana all over her) that I knew something had to happen to shut her down :( Only wish that Anika's character could have had a confrontation with dude-- him getting shot was an easy way out of him (I LOL when she slapped his dead face), and an easy way for TP to get rid of his character and go to someone else's tragedy. I also wondered what part Mariah Carey was originally cast for (before she dropped out due to her pregnancy), but now I couldn't see her being in this movie.

I know I and many others around the country have been seeing this movie all weekend as a part of meetups or girls-night-out-type gatherings. I don't think everyone will be happy with TP's interpretation, but hopefully in the end, it will bring about conversation and dialogue about the issues that occur in the film, and not just the surface things I've mentioned :)

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You'd wonder, and you wouldn't talk to her anymore, but you'd still do her. Hmmm...

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Madonna is an icon... Bey does not (yet) have the longevity of Madonna-- but she's definitely on her way.

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I agree with Jia's comment. After reading the full interview on Vibe, I also will add that if it was me, he wouldn't be "back and forth" from my house to hers, whether he's in a guest room or not. I'm divorced with a child (although not because of infidelity) and no house is big enough when the love is gone like that.

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My hats off to you for blogging daily-- I can hardly blog weekly with all I have going on. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Create an editorial calendar and put some extra posts in your back pocket for times like this. Look at trends and things going on around you if you're feeling uninspired. Check your RSS feed, fb or Twitter stream, and you can get plenty of new ideas or re-spin another aspect of an issue. Chin up, dear!

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4 in one year doesn't mean a new dude every month. That's what doesn't add up. He must've flunked math being out on the road singing "Blackberry Molasses" back in the day.

ROTFL at the above comments

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I spent a lot of time in the sun last summer, and my skin peeled for awhile. My kickboxing instructor noticed and told me she didn't know Black people could get sunburn.

Good reminder on getting makeup, etc. with SPF in it. It takes me so long to use makeup, I don't think about it.

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No one else has mentioned this yet Kim has a new man herself, Miles Austin of the Cowboys (another football player), and that's the only reason she "doesn't care."

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Aint that funny... how Marc Anthony got the last 2 minutes of the show? Her current husband, father of her twins gets 2 minutes. lol