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An additional tidbit: for CFer siblings, they have a 2/3 chance of being a carrier (1 bad gene), and 1/3 chance of not being a carrier (0 bad genes).

Since they have a sibling with CF, we know that the parents are carriers. There are three possible gene combinations that could end up giving a child with no CF: only dad gives his bad gene, or only mom gives her bad gene, or they both give their good genes.

Hope I made sense there?!

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Yep, I'm guilty of tripoding when things get tough. But you're giving me hope, this is stuff I can pay attention to and work on. Thanks!

My mom always called it tripoding, I thought it was another term she made up... turns out she actually knew something!

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I love this feature, Steve! I have really tight and sore muscles in my upper back on days when I'm having trouble breathing, and sometimes I can feel it even before I really feel my asthma symptoms.

Do you think it's just the asthma's doing or could I be doing something funny with breathing or posture? It's something I'd like to avoid! Treating the asthma symptoms and using a heating pad helps, when I have access to one.

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Truuuuee, and Boston isn't THAT far away.

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So pumped! You're in for a climb, but I can totally see why you wouldn't want to give up the experience, I hear the crowds and atmosphere are amazing! Give 'er!

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I see you've been around my neck of the woods! Looks like some beautiful snow! Glad you all had a good time.

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An honour! Thanks Steve.
And whadya know, you've introduced me to some new blogs!
major oxoxoxox

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You can do it, and you'll LOVE it when you get it. :)

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You're really sweet to put mine up Steve! Thanks and hugs oxoxox

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Will send it right away! It's not as awesome as Kerri's, I didn't draw you and Doug or anything :)