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will you people quit using the word 'alternative' to describe music? it's like saying that the music is somehow more special. but no. this is just hipster rock infused with emo. there's nothing alternative about it, especially since it's some of the most mainstream stuff now

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if you ask me most of these theories about the universe sound just as viable, if not more, than the big bang theory. they're not crazy at all, some just mix empirical science with spiritual, transcendent thought.

if you want crazy, find something that's really made up by a madman, otherwise change the title

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Boondock Saints II? Ok so it wasn't perfect. It had more silly humour and a great ending. Give some credit at least. Just because the film disappointed you overall doesn't mean you have to ignore all the good parts and just keep making up reasons to place it at number 2 spot(!!)

The Godfather III? Your only reason for putting this at first place is because of Sophia? What the hell kind of a list is this? I agree she didn't do a great job but the film was great regardless.

Overall, this list is lacking the REAL crap. Like Speed 2, Son of the Mask, Scary Movie 2, S. Darko, Home Alone 4, Superman 4, Jaws: The Revenge and both sequels to The Mummy

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Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? it's so fashionable to bash that film, but everyone keeps forgetting that the previous Indiana films were no less audacious or ridiculous, which is why we loved them. The film was lots of fun, and if you went to see it to take it seriously, then you really shouldn't be talking about it. Nothing wrong with Shia either, unless you think that Transformers 2 was his fault, and therefore he has to be hated for all his roles.

The Phantom Menace? Technically it isn't even a sequel. I realise Jar Jar isn't popular, but represent the whole film. Also, the acting isn't half bad at all, and it's brilliant even compared to Revenge of the Sith (which I would have included in this list instead). Come to think of it you didn't bring up any real arguments as to why this film is bad. Sure it had its share of cheese, like all the SW films, but it was beautifully designed, has plenty of action and the best sabre duel in the series =P

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"Unlike fantasy, which had a clear genre launcher in J.R.R. Tolkien"