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Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.
Benito Mussolini, fascist dictator of Italy (1922-1943)
State capitalism has various different meanings, but is usually described as a society wherein the productive forces are controlled and directed by the state in a capitalist manner, even if such a state calls itself socialist. Corporatized state agencies and states that own controlling shares of publicly-listed firms, and thus acting as a capitalist itself, are two examples of state capitalism
You are living in it!
Have you not noticed the state is getting more militarised as well?
DIRECT DEMOCRACY is the solution!
NOT political parties or Porportion representation

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Abrahamic monotheism is original fascism
One god , one empire one emperor. It was INVENTED for the creation of material power on Earth.
Its books are perfumed lies and actions blood soaked and monsterous.
What we are seeing is the joining of religious fascism with secular fascism. Historically its what happened in fascist Italy ,Germany and Spain.We see it today in Saudi Arabia and Israel.
So its not suprising to see it in modern America.
BUT Tolerance has NOTHING to do with Abrahamic monotheism (Judaism, Christianity or Islam)!
Please look at thier track records, ALL just a long list of INTOLERANCE, as taught by Abrahamic monotheisms twisted values.
Just check the holy land or Saudi Arabia or the Vatican and try and find tolerance for diverging views.

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@Ahmad Yaqiin
The modern Jewish person has NO CONNECTION to Palestine, either through history of geneology.
Judaism was a invention of Cyrus the Great ,thier MESSIAH!! It was Egyptian/Hyksos SET worship converted to Zoroastrianism.
DNA show 5 of 6 modern Jewish people are Japhetic NOT SEMITIC!! They are the descendants of the Kahzars.
The modern state of Israel owns more to Prussia than Judea.
FYI Islam is an invention of men as well. It brought slavery to Europe for 1000 years and ARABS still blub about the crusades?!?!?! Payback is a bitch ain't it!! Maybe if you had not worshipped your ABRAHAMIC slave trader god the crusades would not have happened , but you just keep blaming nasty Europeans for crusades.FYI ALL Abrahamic monotheism is just original fascism
IF this god exists then he is all powerful and wants things this way , so YOU should just shut up!
IMHO abrahamic monotheism is just satanism,its words perfumed lies while it spreads ignorance ,lies ,slavery ,bigotry ,theft , sexual perversion, inquistions ,jihads ,dark ages ,etc.

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Ron Paul is Americans best hope BUT Ron Paul is NOT LIBERTARIAN in its true or original sense.
Its back to the days of swapping real estate for glass beads and the masses living in sweat shop factory servitude with a super rich resourses owning elite.
Its the "laisse faire" system that was used from the 1500's onwards and it gave us factory slavery and privateers and the masses crying out for government to save them!!!
In america it worked so long as you could keep stealing the native americans resourses to replace the ones the elites took control of....."go west young man". It stopped working when the americans ran out of native american resourses to steal
Beware False Profits!
Libertarian Socialism is the real and original libertarianism .
You cannot sell your resourses and expect to be free , libertarian or not!

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Before secular politics, religion was the REALPOLOTIK
Abrahamic monotheism is just original fascism!
Its an invention of men with greed in thier hearts and swords in thier hands.
Its purpose is to control the minds of men and grab material wealth and power.
So secular fascists join forces with religious fascists.
Mussolini created the modern vatican, Hitler made christianity a pillar of nazism. The vatican supported every europen dictator including Franco and they ran the nazi escape lines (ODESSA ratlines)
Believe absurdities and you can commit atrocities.The modern abrahamic monotheist does not worship god ,he blames god for his actions. They believe they know what god is thinking and that he hates all the same people they do?!?!
Believing in god is IRRELEVANT
Does god believe in YOU ,now that would be RELEVANT ..its like believing in santa claus,, if you believe or not, is not important ...are you on his naughty or nice list , now that is important!!!
Merry Winter Solstace to everyone
P.S. Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshipper?
He sold his soul to santa ;-)

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"If that's the case, why did Jesus say in the New Testament that he did not come to eliminate anything in the Old Testament but came to fulfill it"
IF you did some research ,you will realise that most of the new testament was compiled after 787AD and the 2nd council of niceae.
The original constantine christian god wqas called Hesus Krishna and was VOTED into existance 161 to 157 at the 1st councilof niceae in 325AD.
ALL abrahamic monotheism (judaism, christianity and islam) is just original fascism.
An invention of men
Judaism was Egyptain/Hyksos SET worship. The hyksos where run out of Egypt and enslaved and converted to zoroastrianism by Cyrus the Great.
He then sent them off to run a buffer state for his persian empire. TALK ABOUT AN INVENTED PEOPLE?!?!?!
Christianity was originally monotheistic sun worship based on Mithras with Greek,Druidic and Egyptian influence, and NO JEWISH INFLUENCE WHATEVER!!!

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These people BLAME a god and do not worship a god.
Belief in god is IRRELEVANT! Does god believe in you ,now that would be relevant!
ALL Abrahamic monotheism is INVENTED NONSENSE. Its just ORIGINAL FASCISM!
We KNOW this and can PROVE this using archeology , DNA and original texts.
ALL things that would damn you in a court of law. Even if you deny the charges
Judaism is just Egyptian/Hyksos SET worship , converted to Zoroastrianism by Cyrus the Great, the non-semitic Jewish messiah
Christianity was the Roman Unified Religion INVENTED by Constantine the Great.
Its Mithric monothistic sun worship converted to messianic judaism in 787AD at the 2nd council of Niceae.
Modern "christianity" was invented in the 15th century after the fall of constantinople.
Islam was invented by nestorian and ebonite "heretics" that lost a Byzantine power struggle and fled to Arabia to preach thier "heresay"!
Its ALL the invention of MEN with greed in thier hearts and swords in thier hands. Its the belief of slaves.

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As far as I see it...
The US government is facing more war crimes in Libya after killing Gaddafis children and grandchildren , a GROSS WAR CRIME(but is there a war crime that is not gross?)
They also want us to forget about the Japanese radiation and the economic meltdown and banker bail outs and bonues and the mass demonstrations and the fact we are crushing real democracy protestors across the middle east
The government had to do something to distract us and get us behind the government again.....
So lets pretend we got the bad guy!!

In reality just whose family was slaughtered and thier bodies dumped in the sea for an american PR stunt and the shouts of "USA, USA"?!
IMHO this is the behaviour of desperation , a government in meltdown and panicing!!
And an injured and cornered animal is still very dangerous, so we all better watch out!!

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This whole story is a LIE!!
Where was Osama Bin Ladens fanatical bodyguards?
The pictures from Reuters show a dead UNARMED man with a water pistol! A man who obviously shaves ,and therefore is NO ISLAMIC EXTREMIST!!
The picture from the White House...OOPS sorry we seemed to not have the 25 minutes of film , ALL the helmets cameras stopped working!!
They also manged to crash a helicopter in the process of taking on 4 unarmed men and thier wives and kids...what a bunch of murderous muppets!!

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Thanks for the link, as a fanatical Scottish Independence supportter I know only too well the difference between the UK spent oil wealth and the Norwegian oil fund
Hopefully we will see an SNP government returned to Scotland on the 5th may......,We only just got our parliment back in 1999,after the FORCED ACT OF UNION, which caused riots across Scotland, how is that for democracy!!
The original Parliament of Scotland (or "Estates of Scotland") was the national legislature of the independent Kingdom of Scotland, and existed from the early 13th century until the Kingdom of Scotland merged with the Kingdom of England under the Acts of Union 1707 to form the Kingdom of Great Britain.
The British Parliament retains the ability to amend the terms of reference of the Scottish Parliament, and can extend or reduce the areas in which it can make laws. The first meeting of the new Parliament took place on 12 May 1999.
End the UK , Independence for Scotland
SAOR ALBA!!! (Free Scotland)