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I'm sorry, but with respect, I don't believe that a thin insulating layer could work. Such a coating is great for preventing short circuits in a direct current, but would behave quite differently in a high-frequency alternating current, such as would be found on a phone antenna. I contend that such a thin coating would not achieve the required impedance to prevent de-tuning.

I wrote a blog post on the subject in light of Consumer Report's duct tape suggestion, which I believe to be equally flawed. I also conducted basic qualitative testing with a variety of insulating layers, and found no clear benefit to any:

If (big if) I'm right about this, it would probably go some way to explaining why Apple didn't do this in the first place. As you say, it doesn't take an RF engineer to know that steel conducts, but it does take a scientist to recognize the difference between DC resistance and AC impedance. The number of otherwise knowledgeable people still recommending such a solution is testament to that. _IF_ I'm right.

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Sorry? They implement PC tethering on the iPhone, and build a 3G version of the iPad because they're trying to stop me using the cellular network for data?

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Not being funny, but I think the very > totally (and other) orderings are because the charts are sorted by number of responders for each answer, rather than by level of satisfaction (or whatever).

Got to admit, though, it confused me for a bit!

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While I can't fault the point re. early adopters, the article itself covers that; as well as stating that a survey of returners would be worth pursuing.

As for whether early adopters would ever dare speak out about unmet expectations of an Apple product, might I suggest you Google (or Bing, if you prefer ;-) ) for "iPhone antenna"?

I own an iPad and iPhone (3G), but these are the only Apple products I own, or have ever owned. The world doesn't split into fanboys and haters; there are those of us who assess devices on their suitability for specific purposes. And for what it's worth, this is not to suggest that there aren't suitable (or even better) alternatives to the iPhone; nor that there aren't (or won't be) similar alternatives to the iPad; I bought my phone when it _was_ the best in the market, and I have stuck with a product-type I know, and a whole bunch of apps I don't want to have to buy again. If I were entering the market today, I might well have chosen differently, but my choice would still be based on suitability rather than some petty Us vs. Them nonsense.

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The missing feature I would have liked is tethering. This device is made for collaborating with its little brother iPhone (incidentally, anyone but me surprised how fast you go from "iPad's a big iPhone" to "iPhone's a small iPad"?). I went wi-fi only because I couldn't justify the cost for another 3G device/plan; the absence of tethering smacks of trying to wring as many 3G sales as possible out of us.