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Hindsight is a wonderful thing. 'Halo' was awesome - people don't buy crap just to waste money. It's also unfair to say "Such & such a game was great, but the sequels were sh*t". We can say the same about movies - it's the original that matters.

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Just proving that in nature, there's no such thing as a free feed. I do take exception with the notion that since the jaguar's behaviour has not been observed by scientists (only native "hearsay") it is not accepted as fact. I know that this is not TyB's opinion, but things do not necessarily need the men in white coats to prove something. Anyway, another enjoyable list TyB, thanks.

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Thanks mom424, you got the joke. cheers

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I swear I used to work with # 9 - Trauco. He was short & ugly but had great success with women. A group of us would go to bars and spend time chatting up the ladies but they usually went home with him. The worst part was he didn't contribute to much of the conversations, he'd just sit there quietly, licking his eyebrows.....

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I just prefer practicing the old fashioned way - having sex! It's fun, it's easy and after two kids & the vasectomy - no worries!!!!

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Hey Bryan, an interesting list which is sure to spark some comments and expounding of theories. Time to hit the net and find out more about Skelton Lake!

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"Verily I say unto you - lock and load".

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Yeah, kind of answers the question "What would Jesus do?" Apparently grab a mo-fo type of weapon just like his old man and then go kick some ass!

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Epidermits - what future lawyers will be using as a defence tool when the child is on trial for serial killing. "Your Honour, my client was actively encouraged by his/her parents to store bundles of human-like skin & flesh in the refrigerator from a young age. In fact, the more interesting the specimen (tatts etc), the better".

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Always a pleasure to read a FlameHorse list. The battle between Alexander III & Darius was a complex game of chess (admittedly with human lives), but strategy & training won the day. I've always been fascinated by Rommel, who was respected by the Allies for his leadership and planning and wonder what he may have achieved if he didn't have Hitler for his commander.