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I have a problem with this statement "It actually transforms a helpless couple to something more."

Does it? How does a whirlwind life time experience really transform someone in the long term? The problem will all of these feel good shows is that it's a band-aid and not a breakthrough. Breakthroughs don't fit into hour long primetime blocks.

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I'm glad you picked up on the "hetero normal" roles as well. This is something that I've been noticing a lot of in the last five to seven years. Gender roles are becoming more crystallized out of fear - and the influence of a lot of evangelical teachings that are seeping into mainstream America. Kristen was never asked what would make her feel was given to her. The message was that if he's strong, she can be weak and then she'll be happy. Maybe she was happy with that...but was she happy because she really wanted that or was she happy because she felt bad because society told her that she needed to be weak to be a happy wife? As the breadwinner in our awesome, loving and supportive family, we encounter this all the time. Apparently we're not good spouses because I have a business and he is a student/main caretaker of our kids. "It's not God's plan!" we've been told. Hogwash! It works for us.

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Amazing series. I could kiss you Duff. This is exactly what I've been through - albeit I didn't go to the firewalk thing. the process of trying to plaster over failure with more positivity - been through that. I got so warped by this thinking that I blamed myself for not "succeeding." That you for so succinctly describing this process and why it fails. Can't wait for part three.