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Well what do you know the Zionist entity biting the hand that feeds it, well I never.
But this is an old story and what happened to the rest of this story, I bet it went away pretty quickly

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Could not agree more, it seems the higher the hypocrisy goes, the lesser degree of discernment flows from the highbrow media+__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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I suppose this rag is not pro anything Israel does,this lady Butler is battling so many Zionistic rabble rousers ,brought to the boil by Rabid Rabi's and i for one support her all the way ,Israel is a Poisonous little Venomous snake in the grass in the Arab world ,and there are just as many Jews against the Israeli "Human Right's Abusers" than support their crimes against an unarmed population .
No amount of murdering and assasinating people will make Israel acceptable to the the wider world ,(apart from Jewish controlled America) who bow to all thing's Jewish ,out of fear of the Zionist Media outlets.