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I like Revkin's "go figure" remark about the chicago conference.

@C3PO: I'm not sure your personal experience is particularly scientific.

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There's a lot to be said for the fairy and oofle dust theory.

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I guess you've already used "skating away" by Jethro Tull?

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Bill I find it interesting that your'e working with Plimer on this. Perhaps he's trying to save the face of the uranium industry? He's a director at Ivanhoe - is it in this capacity?

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apparently Gerry's staff having a difficult time stopping him from watching it.


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yes. de freitas expertise appears to be in the arena of the effect of weather on tourists. How long do they stay on the beach if it rains? What if the sun goes behind a cloud?

His PhD involved taking skin temperature of people sitting in the sun on a beach in Queensland, I hear.

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oh my oh my. this will be interesting.

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someone should submit an Op Ed to the Herald about the benefits of smoking and especially second hand smoke. Could quote the Heartland Institute, Fred Singer, etc.

Be interesting to see what they'd say.

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cheers Bryan

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right - good one, thanks for that clarification Bryan as it does read like that.

But I do agree with the wider point. if there's no "conflict" often the media wno't cover, even if it's serious science. That "he-said-she-said" conflict journalism is taught in NZ journalism schools and needs to be addressed at source. There are so few science writers in mainstream NZ media today and the "environment round" often goes to the youngest reporter in the newsroom.

Jim always had a great relationship with the media - possibly one reason the Powers that Be at NIWA shut him down?