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As much as I would like to, I'll refrain from a "beat up on SE" message today.

It's just too sunny out.

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Welcome to the club. Hulu has been blocking PS3 browsers and Boxee devices for a while now.

I've been using a proxy scraper called "playon" to serve hulu content on the ps3. I imagine android may eventually need the same unless an official hulu method is provided.

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GSM (ie. Tmobile & ATT) allow talking and data browsing simultaneously. CDMA (ie. Sprint & Verizon) cannot do this. Blame the signaling technology and the telco not the OS please.

I believe EVO (4g) on Sprint will allow simultaneous data/voice.

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This is typical SE and the main reason I would never get an SE phone again.

Prediction: If SE still exists December 31, 2010, the firmware will get pushed back to Q1'11.

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I'm still on my 2-year tmo G1 agreement, as I assume many people are. Once November 2010 comes around, many original 2-year G1 contracts will end and upgrades will be edging up from their 1.5/1.6 environments.