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Love the Luther quote!
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Hmmm...not sure about going makeup-less. I've never thought of that, but it would be really hard. How was Synergy?
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You have no idea how much I appreciate this post.
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Hmm...I am a crier. I cry when I am joyful, grateful, overwhelmed, mad, everything. I even laugh until I cry sometimes. I think the last thing that really made me cry though was watching one of the teen girls in our church worship this past Sunday. I know she has been going through a tough time lately, but as I watched her worship their was joy on her face. It did me in.
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Thank you for being willing to get your hands do the overcome fears and anxiety...and to tell their stories. Thank you for showing us life outside of our own little comfortable bubble. Thank you for the love you displayed in every post. Thank you for the call to action. Following you on your experience pricked my heart and made me long that much more to love on my little Ingrid in Honduras.
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You totally did me in with this post. Between you and Amanda Jones, I am a puddle. Praying you carry this with you for a long time and for your safe return home.

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Hmmm...after thinking about a whole lot of things I wish I were more like and then finding reasons why I wouldn't want to be like that either...I have settled on: I wish I were more like Him.

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Oh do I know that restlessness?! Sometimes it is manageable and sometimes it overwhelms me...I love the part of the song, "I'm restless til I rest in You." I believe, for me, I may wrestle with emotions and restlessness, until like the song says "I rest in Him". Unfortunately, I have no special words of encouragement to offer, just letting you know you are not alone, my friend! Anxiously awaiting the day we can all rest in Him.
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I love the term "reckless worship"!!! No matter the who, what, where, when, why, or how in my life circumstances...In the midst of uncertainty, trial, sorrow...Those times when I have worshiped Him in spite of how I felt were some of the sweetest most intimate times with Him. Great post, Trisha!
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I've really enjoyed this series, Lindsey. Great posts inspired by an even greater song!
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