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Owens, you are full of it! I remember the news of "61"! I also remember when he got the Fullbright schorship, my mom said that it was only for American born kids. Citizens! Once again his Prince daddy's money got him in there too!

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Obamas residency was a done deal when he was born! He was PUT in our house! When Ann Dunham showed little Barry on the news - it was said that " one day he'd be pResident! I watched it! The people we have elected to other offices are trying to destroy our constitution by allowing non NBC's to run for poutus!

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Ann Dunham renounced her citizenship on the national news in 1961! It was televised.

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The judges are either stupid or complicant!

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They ALL know the definition! They are trying to dismantle our constitution!

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All politicians KNOW Barry is a fraud, so why bother voting for a politician? They are in it for themselves. Trump has my vote!

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It wa known in 1961 that he would. Be pResident one day and as much was said by the media-- no one believed he was born in Hawaii when his birth was announced on our news!
He was put in office. He just couldn't decide when he wanted to be in our house! His entire life story is make believe! WHAT A NOVEL! I am old enough to know better!---- I remember the news in that era!

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I am not old , or stupid, I am white and I support Trump! Let's bring honesty back into our government! Trump has MY VOTE!

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No one will ever do anything to Obama for lying to American voters about his birth certificate! Just like the powers that be are allowing Rubio, Cruz and Jindal to run! I called Rubios office yesterday , left a message and told his machine that he's not constitutionally qualified per the Natural born citizen clause. The reason they are allowing those people to run is: They are trying to destroy our constitution! There has been 9 attempts by members of our govt. to change the NBCClause!