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Sorry I just can't see a UAV getting that close to a CBG at a time of conflict.

There is a chance it might be able to provide one uplink but as soon as a threat is establish the drone is history.

Also as pointed out those are SSCM's not IRBM's

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Have to say I think its a strike aircraft design.

Ballistic missiles have their place but lets face it a mass launch of IRBM's say against Taiwan is going to be noticed right away and cause alot of collateral damage using a production model of this plane would be much smarter.

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Using an IRBM or ICBM in a conventional role is very risky and the PLA would have to balance risking a US nuclear release against killing (maybe) one CVN.

It would be better to rely on Subs and strike aircraft like the Soviets planned to do.

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Israel could have bought the C-RAMS ages ago and chose not to, now they're saying that Iron Dome is too expensive...

Guess its more worthwhile to let the missiles land and then spend millions of dollars in strike packages that'll cause a high level of civilian casulties and alienate more of the world against Israel eh?