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Här finns en delförklaring till sossarnas och vänsterns kris:

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I have tried to describe the current situation here in Sweden in my blog. Here is my recent post:

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When will Sweden have its first terrorist bomber? From the latest incidents, there is a war in Sweden between immigrant young men who are waging war at the Swedish police.

The royal wedding could silence the brutal reality for a day, but already the day after, the stone-throwing, school fires, shootings and crimes were on again.

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The situation here in Sweden is almost unbearable, and the summer has not even begun! Read about a society falling in pieces:

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Well, read about what kind of society the liberal-socialist in power here i Sweden have created, (the likes of Henning Mankell):

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Here in Sweden the Swedish girls raped by immigrants have a very difficult time. Read here about a girl, a child, who had to flee in her own country:

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Here in Sweden the communists are on the same side as the islamists/muslims! This is shown after the attack on the cartoonist Lars Vilks at Uppsala University

a good week ago, after which the party leaders have been asked to make a statement. The left (former communist) party leader said that Vilks art was racist and islamophobic! Thus he defends those bastards shouting and attacking Vilks and he consequently betrays freedom of speak in Sweden. Read more about the attack here:

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Thank you for observing my blog post. Many people are furious about these "children". There was even a children's book author who made a satire upon this handling but he was attacked in the press by several journalists for being inhumane. He was even invited to a radion programme where one of the most blaming journalists could attack him and both the journalist and the programme presenter more or less demanded that he would apologize publicly for his "mean" opinion. You know, Sweden is the last DDR-country in Europe. Here, we still have a wall, an invisible wall, but it is there!

Please, read my latest blog post on the planned attack of a flock of loudmouthed Muslims on the cartoonist Lars Vilks on a lecture at the university of Uppsala.

The Swedish media just mentioned the attempt in passing and now it isn't mentioned any more. They are so frightened that it would lead to an increase of voters for the new anti-massimmigration party the Sweden Democrats, so they even keep people in the dark about crimes committed by immigrants.

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Here in Sweden where I live, the immigrant question is precarious, but forbidden to discuss. You can get an idea of our threatened domcracy by reading my

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In Sweden, the politicians hold their arms wide open to all the "children" that are so poor: