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This lady's a smart one. Now, if only I could go back and do it all this way and without any of the anxiety from the big ol' wedding man...

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GULP. Debt is rough, rough, rough. The wake-up call feels like the pits. I went through a similar process a while ago. Be proud of yourself indeed, because taking these steps require some serious cajones. Good luck!

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Love it. Love. It. So incredibly cute and delicious-looking. Thanks for sharing!

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This was a wonderful post. I am 100% on the no-processed bandwagon, and I can truly attest to the fact that it's a journey. It's a process. And no, I will never escape eating processed food on occasion, and that's okay. But like you, Penny, what started as a purely superficial urge to lose some pounds gradually turned into a quest to feel better. Over the past year I've really begun to notice just how my body reacts to certain foods, and I've slowly eliminated those foods from my diet because I simply don't want them anymore.

Thanks for the positive morning pick-me-up!

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Great post, Liz. Thanks for staying in the trenches for us!

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Abso-effing-lutely NOT.

1) As others have pointed out: the drunkenness. I will be TEH Drunkenness at that point in the evening. Yes, I needed to capitalize that, because that's how INSANELY DRUNK I will be.
2) Look, I don't know if you guys maybe have sexual superpowers that I don't, but drunken sex? For me? Is the worst. I can't really feel much of anything, my mind wanders, I forget what I was trying to do in the first place. And it takes EFFING FOREVER to get it over with. No. This is not the kind of sex I want to have.

In summary, I'd rather just wait until I sober up some.


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Forgot to mention: I am intensely green with envy over your choice of DJ. Flashdance FTW!

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Awwwright, this topic is near and dear to my heart! I LOVE that you were able to use music to craft such an intensely personal ceremony. While I've imagined the *moods* I want created by music at our wedding, I haven't quite been able to nail down any concrete processional options yet. I HAVE toyed with the idea of using Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love" as our recessional -- I can just imagine high-kicking it down the aisle as Eddie shreds a solo. It fits our personalities and I think our guests would crack the eff up -- well, my grandmother might be confused, but we would soon placate her with a nice glass of white wine. Don't worry, grandma. It will be OK.

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This was truly a spectacular post on a tricky topic. I appreciate the way you took gender influences out of the equation and stripped it down to a matter of *people* and what they are good at. Thank you.