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"Radical Islamism" is "Traditional Islam."

What we call "Radical" is nothing more than Islam as it has been practiced and preached since the seventh century.

Rapidly, the Islamic world is becoming increasingly traditional -- that is, "Radical."

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Heh! There is still not a green flag of the Caliphate flying over the US Capitol and over the White House. That is what they want.

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January 20, 2008

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dividingbyzero -- my, my. Missed the whole point of Jeffery Jena's satire, did we?

But I guess The New York TImes misses the whole of journalism.

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First, the big states (California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, etc.) should love this proposal, while the small states (Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, etc.) should hate it.

The small states have much more voting power with the electoral college. Small states would be foolish to vote for this.

Second, this proposal/experiment will not work beyond (at most) a single close election. Remember that these are laws that can change at the whim of each state.

What will happen is that some large states (say, Texas and Florida if a Democrat wins, or Illinois if a Republican wins) will be forced to vote against the wishes of their own people.

If the election outcome changes because some states were forced to vote "wrong," the outcry in those states will be huge.

The angry state legislatures will then meet and repeal the law for the offended states, and we'll be back with the original electoral college.

A single close election will tear this scheme apart.

It will then be generations before those states would want to try the experiment again.

This is not a plan that will work for long.

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Why is this being classified as "vandalism?"

Do the Swedes not recognize anit-semitism?

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No one should ever confuse "religious tolerance" with "religious freedom."

Be very careful when you USE the phrases -- be very careful when you HEAR the phrases.

They are not even close to the same thing.

Muslims often say "Islam has religious tolerance," and it does, sort of. However, that tolerance is NOT religious freedom. It is "tolerance" in the sense that (a very few) other religions are "tolerated" (i.e., "suffered with", "put up with," "grudgingly permitted"), and the followers of those "tolerated" religions are subject to very severe conditions and restrictions.

"Religious freedom" on the other hand means that one is free to choose a religion (e.g., no punishment for apostasy) and one's choice of religion has no conditions and no diminishment or change of other rights.

Saudi Arabia has little or no "religious tolerance."

No Muslim country in the world has "religious freedom."

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Gee, are NBC and CBS still broadcasting.... I haven't seen any of their programs in years.

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The cry "Racism" has now become watered down through overuse. Like the boy who cried "Wolf!," people are becoming increasingly skeptical of anyone blaring the term.

In some quarters, the term has now become simply a warning -- "He's a racist" now merely has the meaning "He's not like us," or "He doesn't believe as we do," and seems to be used at every opportunity to indicate that someone is not in the right "clique."

Now, the NAACP is effectively claiming that anyone who is not liberal or progressive or pro-Obama is "racist"?

What's next -- anyone that does not donate money to the NAACP is racist? Then you will be sent an official NAACP "I have proven I am not a racist" badge that you can wear to prove your credentials and so avoid being smeared. That's the next logical step.

Yes, the term "racist" is rapidly losing any negative connotations at all.

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If's funny -- every other militant and supremacist ideology that one can think of (white supremacism, black supremacism, Nazism, etc.) is ridiculed and actively opposed by almost everyone.

Yet Islam, which just as militant and supremacist as the any of the other ideologies, is defended by many (mostly the Islamically-illiterate).

Imagine if we had discussions about moderate vs. extremist Nazis or moderate vs. extremist KKK'ers. (The discussions would be along the lines of "Extremist KKK'ers are bad -- they actually go out and lynch blacks -- but the moderate ones are OK -- while they want the lynchings and do everything they can to support them such as contributing money to those who actually do the lynchings, the moderate KKK'ers are really good guys. You want them in your neighborhood.")

Amazing what a cloak of religion will do in the West these days....