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I'm still wondering whether this will come out before or after Skyward Sword...

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I REALLY hope that we will get it a few months earlier than this...

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I really loved Spirit Tracks... or rather, what I did get to play of it.
I was NEVER able to get past the fourth Spirit Flute duet. NEVER. I've probably tried it over one hundred times - I still couldn't do it.
I for my part blame my DS being already a few years old, and probably having a bad mic by now... but I'll definetaly try doing this again once I've got a 3DS. I really hope that I'll be able to beat it one day...

But as I said, I really loved what I did get to play of it. Especially the music. This game does have my favourite soundtrack of any Zelda game, in fact.

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Well, I got to play at Gamescom, and I was really impressed. The controls were all just fine, and the graphics do look quite a bit better in-game than all these trailers and screenshots make them seem.

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Wait, in Germany? In Cologne?! Wow. I live rather close to that, so I might even go there...

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That Falcon Punch part towards the end really made me crack up. xP
This is simply awesome.

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How in the name of Captain Falcon does he have three hearts at this point at the game? That's impossible!

Wait, I think I just missed something...

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My favourite enemies are probably the Darknuts, since no matter where they appear, they're ALWAYS a rather big challenge... *CoughLastFloorOfCaveOfOrdealsCough* and, it's always fun to me to make use pretty much every sword move that I have at that point, just to defeat them.

Design-wise, I'd say that I like the enemies in Wind Waker most, even though it is not my favourite Zelda game (like TP and MM better). I don't know why, it's just that they... fit in pretty much perfectly with the overall game.

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I don't see what should be wrong with this art style.
I mean, it is based on a real art style that actually fits the game itself (expressionism in this case), just like Okami, and that one is a simply an amazing game.

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Agreed on the Skyward Sword thing.

And I also heard the train theme from Spirit Tracks in the first part.