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Yes to Pretty Woman! I love that scene when she goes back in with all the shopping bags.

"You work on commission, right? BIG mistake. HUGE!"

Hope you are enjoying your week of reading!! :)

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I like this idea! :)

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I personally like the 'other qualifications' section the best. So true!!

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From my job I have a glow in the dark sperm keyring that is on my keys (helps me find them in my handbag) which the girls find highly amusing.

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Now I'm singing 3 Little Monkeys! And 3 little ducks...!
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My girls are all working on their Chief Guide challenges too. I made them folders last summer - only for those record books to come out a couple of months later!

I love this chinese raffle idea - definitely going to use it.

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The weather is a hot small talk topic here in Scotland too!! :)

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I'm trying to think back to how I got involved in Rangers and being a Young Leader and trying to work out what factors helped me make that move up and stay in Guiding. Would be really interested to know what 'traditions' exist in your Division/District throughout all the Guiding sections in terms of doing events together etc.

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Yes yes yes!
I think Guide leaders thinking I'm trying to 'poach' their guides for our senior section unit, but really I just want to create opportunities for the girls to move forward in guiding as they move forward in their lives.

We do have a young leader that was once a Guide in our unit, but she joined as a young leader after being away from the unit for a year - by which time half the guides didn't remember her once being a patrol second and she had a bit more of an age difference with the older girls. The great thing was that the older girls who did remember her got chatting about what we did at senior section and the two of them both came up to senior section when they finished their BP awards.

I'm really trying to come up with ways in which some of the girls from other Guide units in the area will be more comfortable moving up to our senior section unit. I have been made aware that some girls are staying on as 'young leaders' but really its just a big group of them sitting chatting on their mobile phones doing not very much at all. And to me that is not what it's about.

Do you have any examples from your area? The rangers element of Senior Section seems pretty new to our Division, plus the girls doing their LQs are still waiting for mentors 18 months on...

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I miss being second chair. I always got to be more creative and just enjoy it when I did backing vocals. I did enjoy times where I got to sing a bit more, but really I grew to love not having to lead. Maybe too much. The worship leaders used to joke that I didn't know the melodies to recent worship songs because I'd never learned them I was so used to just singing harmony!

Now I don't get to sing at all. I miss being on worship team sometimes and learning new songs and harmonies.