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In America or Europe, I would look upon this practice as a particularly horrific violation of a child's human rights. I feel exactly the same way about it WHEREVER it is practiced. Mutilation of a girl's body to keep her subservient to men and to disallow her pleasure in the act of sex is wrong, no matter what custom or tribal rituals may dictate.

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I, too, see education as the key. One particularly heinous superstition is flourishing in South Africa today: If a man has sex with a virgin, he will be immune to AIDS. This has led to the horrific practice of raping female babies, who are certain to be virgins. South Africa is a relatively well-developed country, and yet this superstitions continues. People need to be educated in the scientific causes of disease and the modern medical practices that can help to control its spread and perhaps to cure it. Unfortunately, many South Africans are suspicious of any medical news that comes from the U.S. People need to receive education, but it has to come from a source they can trust. Therein lies the rub.

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Yes, very funny, FlameHorse, but not exactly what I was wishing for... a mutilated horse...

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I didn't like this list. Just reading the written lines, I felt I was practicing voyeurism for tragedy. I can't imagine listening to the tapes. In these days of violent movies and video games, it is all too easy to forget that these are actual human lives ending in a horrible way. These were real people, with families and loved ones... I hope nobody who lost a relative or friend on one of these flights was subjected to seeing this list and knowing that the death of their loved ones was being treated as entertainment.

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Well, oliverBBQ, I'm counting on you to write a baj-inspired list, so that the rest of us can hear the talking beaver voice! If anyone can do it, you can!

And what kind of list do you think we would need to write to get a schizophrenic beaver voice? You have to admit, that would be the best voice ever!

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I was living in an apartment building at the time, and there were no outside faucets that were not locked shut. (I believe this was to prevent tenants from washing their cars without paying extra for the water.) It was late at night, and the caretakers had gone home for the day. I had to have access to running water, so I used the bathtub. That was the time I used tomato juice. The next time (same dog... never learned her lesson...) I was in my own house, so I could do it outside. The vinegar did work very well. Ha ha! I'm sorry you were boggled!

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The only Ginger Ale I will drink is Vernor's, made in Michigan, I believe. It is very good! A small cafe in Colorado Springs had a Ginger Beer... it wasn't Reed's, but I can't remember the name. It was SO good, that I always ordered two and took one home with me.

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I would vote for the schizophrenic voice for all of these items. (But only because we can't use the talking beaver voice...)

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I can't help but wonder why Caruso was a fan of the worst singer... was it for comic relief? Nice list, Jamie!

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A zookeeper once told me to use a vinegar douche on a dog that was sprayed by a skunk. Well, I thought that would get very expensive, so I bought a large jug of plain vinegar. It worked pretty well, and it doesn't leave as much of a mess as tomato juice when your dog shakes it off in the bathroom!