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I love getting pedicures, too. It's funny because when I bother to paint my finger nails I use a basically clear beige color - no fuss, no muss. But my toes? Deep red, all the way!

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Beautiful pictures, sounds like an exciting trip!

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Your husband sounds like quite a catch!

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They kind of look like every teen boy being dragged into H&M with their mom. lmao.

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I'm super excited to watch Bill Nye with the kids now - thanks for the tip!

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This a great assortment! I'm so basic with my photo editing on my phone, it's pretty much Instagram or straight to Picmonkey for me! I think my favorite app these days is Frozen Free Fall - I've become a total junkie! haha I blogged about more apps I'm loving, too.
My recent post The 10 Best Android Apps On Our Phones.

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Fangirl is probably one of the best books I've read in awhile, I get a little obsessed and gushy when I talk about it - I have one of Rowell's other books on my TBR list (which I blogged about) and I'm very impatient to read it! I liked the Matched series but I liked Divergent / The Hunger Games / The Uglies trilogy better. If you haven't read Uglies yet, you absolutely have to.

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Yeah hubby and I have barely learned how to shop at IKEA together but the problem isn't really the million little purchases so much as that crowded places just irk my husband to no end and IKEA is a mad house usually. The key is find a way to linger and browse in the moments when the getting is good and know when he's reached The Point of No Return and get to the warehouse immediately. Also food helps.

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Oh what a great list - most of the ones I haven't read and adored yet are very high on my list of books to read in 2014!

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Looks like you've read some great books! I read The Paris Wife and Where'd You Go, Bernadette? recently also and enjoyed both. Good luck with your reading and with your foot healing!