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You are awesome! :D Love the pics and great challenge! I've never seen Fabletics before but those capris (and crops, actually - perfect for a lounge-y Saturday!) DO look fab. I don't have any fun ones like that. Thanks for sharing!

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What a great post! Happy birthday to your dad! And what a beast on that workout! 82 DUs in a row?! So great. I'm just learning them! I might need to work this one into my week... Looks awesome! :D

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What I really love about winter running is that even though it can SO HARD to get yourself out there with the cold/conditions, it seems to be extra rewarding when you're moving through the crisp air and afterwards when you're back home and warm. Love the accomplishment! (and love UA too!) ;)

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Tweeted the instant link out too (@bonnielang)

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(Already!) like you on FB!

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Always wise to listen to your body as other commenters have said! :) Think how ready you'll be for running and training hard again in a few months! Also, even without a CrossFit membership to a box, I really encourage you to keep that strength training up in your "off season" - it will keep you fresh and strong and ready for your new season to come! Keep it up (and congrats again on the engagement; ready yesterday's post and agree with most everyone - do your wedding/honeymoon/marriage YOUR way!). :D

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How NEAT! A huge congrats to you guys - what a special, meaningful way to propose and it's wonderful to hear your words at the end of this post. Lots of love (especially b/w you two!) this Christmas! ;)

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Like (no, more like love!) you on FB already. ;) Shared about this giveaway on my FB page though!

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A tough decision but it sounds like a good one! Guilt shouldn't be in the picture either way, so I hope this frees you up and shows you how you CAN still get fit from home and work out a sweat without the money (of course, the community and support of a box/gym/class etc is a bonus!)...Focus on the run and keep up with those days in the gym - great plan! :)