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Susanne Iles


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I am grateful for my five beautiful children. I am also so grateful there are creative people like you in the world. Your soul satisfying art and your beautiful heart keep the shadows away.

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I was going to post a long comment here, but you said everything that was on my mind for my own resolutions...a resounding YES!!!!!! you are awesome

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Oh...she is so beautiful. You've captured her spirit so wonderfully....there is something gentle and welcoming, yet at the same time fierce and strong about her. I love it..

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1) I love your blog. :) I live in Ireland.
2) I love that I can walk in the hills safely and spend a great deal of time out of doors. When I lived in Canada I used to hike regularly, but was always on the look out for bears and cougar..yikes! The most dangerous thing I might run into while hiking in the Irish hills is a sheep. :)

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Just twittered about your blog fabulous!!/susanne_iles

For All Hallow's Eve we will be heading over to a nearby village where it is said the bridge becomes a gateway this time of year. We will be bringing candles and lanterns and a great deal of anticipation... :)
It's a celebration that has been going on for centuries but it will be our first time participating. (I'm bringing flowers as gifts...just in case we meet some visitors from the other side. :) )

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My heart be still...I am totally in love.....

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“Thanks Charlie St. Cloud.”