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Love the cardigan! Blue usually doesn't call to me, but loving this one!

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Love this look, and the shoes! <3

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Good article, except for the ending. Do NOT check and top off your oil when the car is running! This will result in having too much oil in the engine and will cause its own set of problems.

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8 minutes for an egg? Yuck! I boil mine for 4 minutes, and they are perfect. Moist yolks, just a step away from being slightly gooey.

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lol @ the dude. I remember being traumatized as a young child by the bulge in his pants. My best friend and I whispered about it for months afterward like it was some kind of magical creature or something.

I also don't want to see Burton get hold of this one- as much as I enjoy most of his stuff, he is not the right fit for this movie, and I don't think you can improve on perfection anyway.

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I love these masks! And I love masquerade balls. They have to be one of my favorite events to attend and view photos from.
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There is a great one at

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While I agree that PETA is a bunch of loonies, and they do tons of stuff that is straight criminal, I don't see the point of everyone getting so pissed off over some of the little things they've done, like this billboard. They are getting your dander up, which seems to be their whole goal- to upset people and make them feel bad about themselves.

Grow a spine and be proud of who you are- fat, thin, or in between. Remember when we were kids? Sticks and stones may break my bones... Words can only hurt us if we let them.