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This is why I don't see anything, "strange", about Trey Gowdy protecting Obama. He is part of a Congress which allowed, assisted and covered for an identity fraud con-artist to usurp the U.S. presidency and to remain in office for 8 years. The last thing Congress wants to reveal is the truth about their complicity in the biggest fraud in history. Gowdy, along with the rest of Congress, was told by Congressional leadership what to say and what to believe about Obama's eligibility and identity fraud, and if they strayed from what was allowed they were brought back in line. Like Sessions, who was a very poor choice for AG, Gowdy protects Obama and anyone who could lead to Obama being brought to justice. Congress inaction to stop Obama from being sworn in back in 2009 meant they literally gave America's government and her military to the enemy. Once that happened there was zero chance anyone in Congress would act to reveal the truth about Barry. That is why there was never any chance of Obama being impeached or investigated while he was pretending to be president, and it is why Obama and others who could lead to the truth about the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people are protected from prosecution. Congress inaction to stop Obama from being sworn in and their cover-up of Obama's fraud is done to protect themselves. Congress also all violated their sworn oath to, "protect the Constitution from her enemies, both foreign and domestic". The penalties for those crimes are something Congress and others complicit will do anything to avoid. This is a very effective, "blackmail", which Congress brought on themselves.

No lawsuit or other effort to reveal the truth about Barry was ever going to work because it is the job of the complicit to protect the criminals to protect themselves, they are not going to sentence themselves to prison and/or destroy their lucrative careers by doing anything which could reveal the truth. The crimes committed are considered, "too big to prosecute" and involve too many rich and powerful people.

Been that was since 2009....and it still is.

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Obama extends his stay in French Polynesia to write his book. I wonder if he took Bill Ayes with him? He was there for almost 2 weeks before it was reported he was going to stay to write his book. It wasn't mentioned when he first arrived. Perhaps he was observing the events in DC to decide how long he will stay. It may be a very long book.

It appears Obama ain't coming back till the coast is clear, which for him should be never. I believe there is no extradition treaty which could be used to encourage him to return.

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Everyone involved in what is happening with this information being brought to Congress knows Montgomery's background, the con-man charges and everything else. They also know who and how the evidence was vetted, after hearing everything about Montgomery, repeatedly over a very long time and found to be accurate. Sorry, shooting the messenger is not going to work this time. They will have to come up with another excuse.

Nothing in politics is coincidental and Obama did not just suddenly decide he needed to go to French Polynesia, where he now is, I believe he knew what was about to be released and got out of Dodge while he still could.

Get the popcorn and hang on.............

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I believe it's easy to understand how Comey is compromised. The FBI has had the 600 million pages, on 47 hard drives, of spying during the Obama and Bush administrations in their possession for over 2 years and they have done nothing. The FBI and Comey know the information is valid, which is why they have done nothing. They also know Obama is a total and compete fraud. They never investigated anything related to Barry because they knew what they would find.

Understanding the inaction and deception of the FBI, CIA. NSA, etc., is easy when connected with the desperate efforts of the left to prevent, and now to destroy Trump's presidency. If Obama has to take the stand on this massive spying incident it could quickly unravel Barry's entire charade of legitimacy and expose the complicity of the many protectors of of Obama. As long as these involved in protecting Obama are the ones given the job of investigating the spying all that is going to happen is stalling and more covering up.

Larry Klayman says he was spied on and they got his bank account information.

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Thanks tula......for staying with this and providing all those valuable links. If you ever post at WND, I'm
"roberted" there. Joe Farah at WND is one or the many people Barry was spying on. Maybe even you and I are on the

I want to hear Congress talk about the enormity of this. Trump may be the most important, but the 156 federal judges, including Chief Justice John Roberts are a close second.

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Mike, we need a new thread on this stuff, it looks like Barry got out of Dodge just in time:

The media is so underplaying this, 47 hard drives, 600 million notations on many well know American citizens, Justice Roberts, Michael Savage, Joe Farah, 156 other federal judges, etc., etc., were spied on for years during both the Bush and Obama administrations.

This better be YUGE!!

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Hi tula,

Have you seen this interview with Mike Zullo, just released yesterday?

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Is this finally the "universe shattering" information promised by Arpaio and Zullo years ago?

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Mike, Obama gone for good?

We can hope..........

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