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I did a basic photoshoppery of this image in comparison to the shape they had on the HSPA+ page and it fits fairly well

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I finally figured the damn app out. Had to tweet the developer to figure out that you have to long press for options like Liking/Comments/goto userspage.


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We use

You can do all your ordering online, or call and have one of the representatives help you detail out the list.

I was just messing with it a bit and in my zipcode there are 11,298 records (addresses) available for purchase. For a single use mailing the cost is $135.58, which is a little over a penny per address. Those are legitimate addresses that you KNOW will receive a card. (I just realized that would include all business addresses too, which may or may not be what you want).

I would recommend calling the list company the first couple times and help them walk you through all the specifics you are wanting. You can get VERY specific! You can request lists bases on business, residential, income,sex, kids in the home, kids of certain age groups, how long have they owned their home, etc.

I see they also do email addresses.

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I work in printing and direct mail, so my recommendation would be to do an inexpensive postcard with a super basic message driving people to your website.

You can purchase resident lists (all residents within a certain area usually no names) easily and target people directly in a specific community and or purchase a list with names for a little bit more.

A postcard (4.25"x6") is small but inexpensive to print in quantity, and the postage is usually around 22-23 cents per piece (presorted and mailed through a mailhouse), but that could be worth it if you are getting in contact with real people in the area of your church.

If you want a larger postcard, the postage is not much more in quantity, and you can mail anything larger than 4.25x6 up to 6.125x11.5 all for the same postage rate. You would just pay more for the printing.

Maybe you can find a local printer (or one in your church?) that would donate the printing or discount it because you are a church. Just make sure to coordinate with your mailhouse to help design the piece to meet postal regulations so you can get the discounted postal rates.

On another note, if your church qualifies as a non-profit, you can register with the post office to get a non-profit permit and get even better postal rates. I am not as familiar with the regulations on that. May still need to use a mailhouse, but something to look into!