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Im imagining the illustrator saying " Are you sure you want me to draw this ? Seriously ? "

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nice picture

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This was a great issue. I loved some of the features like visiting the same AR marker at night would give you a different UX. I am trying to figure out some neat ways to combine AR and QR.

Thanks for reminding me of this great campaign.
Patrick Donnelly, QrArts LLC,

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Thats impressive. doubling potential earnings.

My issue with Groupon is that I feel like its always making me consider buying things I didnt need. Which I guess from a marketing perspective is a good thing.

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NFC is going to happen. I am just curious what kind of hardware people will need to purchase from a retail perspective to make this seem easy enough for mass adoption on both sides of the consumer spectrum.

Soon after this - I predict NFC crime as a major concern

Patrick Donnelly

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Hi Grant,

I will shoot you an email. Qr is really about UX and context. If we can bridge the offline and online worlds, the question becomes how do we want to create unique experiences for consumers on the mobile platform? Qr is one way to take people there ( which I believe is elegant and simple ), but there are many other tools to help people further engagement with their customers. I would be happy to discuss offline per your article.

Patrick @QrArts

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nice design, and nice ribbon on top!

Patrick, QrArts

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Its interesting going back and reading QR articles from a year ago, and where they predicted we would be now in 2010.

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The birthday example is great ! Very creative.

In response to your play comment. I think you would really like Jesse's Dice lecture.

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