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The "Back" thing to me refers to a generation of IU students who have no idea what to feel. Back sounds right to them. Being a New Yorker (a non-Yankee fan) it is important to enjoy the ride. Yankee fans don't. Every moment this team gives us, gets us one step closer to forgetting all the trials and tribulations of the last 3 years. Maybe 'Welcome Back' is the right phrase to use.

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I have little doubt that this will be a 15 point game. With that being said, I am glad we are playing Butler now instead of January. Stevens WILL have this team ready to play but the talent gap right now is too much for them to overcome.

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To be fair, I was a little over the top. I do see your point. As a Jets fan though, and as Rex Ryan has stated, the game is more than a game this weekend. Especially to New Yorkers/Tri-State Area people who were affected. What exactly did you want the NFL to do? Play games at only 1pm? TV contractual obligations would never let that happen. I happened to be at the first game back in the city on September 21, 2001. Anyone who was there would tell you it was a surrell experience that changed my perspective of 9/11. The NFL is doing the right thing by playing. The best way to remember the victims is to continue to fight the fight we have fought the last 10 years and by continuing on with our lives my playing, keeping a normal schedule.

Great article and thought but I think you're asking the NFL to do something that isn't in the realm of possibilities.


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The writer of this shows complete and utter disregard for the people that do care. You are likely a midwesterner with ties only to the midwest. Do you have any idea the impact Mike Piazza's homerun had on 9/21/01? It gave New Yorkers a sense of comfort and a reason to cheer again. The Jets will do the same thing Sunday night. Did you want the Jets to play the Jaguars? or how about the Chiefs? We all get the NFL is out there to make money. Would it have made more sense for the Jets and Giants to play on Sunday? Sure it would have. I respect an opinion but this shows a lack of respect for people who actually do care. For people who actually lived through it, it is sporting events that brought us together.

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I think this is finally the Twins year to get over the hump. They are better and have the home field advantage. Twins in 5 Rays in 4

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Jerod, Awesome post. I am a huge Jets fan. The Jets were killed all week for not suspending him. The Jets made the point that they did more than any other team by suspending him for a quarter. My first thought was, that is absolutely sad. Jets are the first team to do this (Regardless of what Dungy said, he never suspended anyone for DUI. How about Marvin Harrison for shooting? Fraud) With Stallworth, Little, and Brown why didn't anyone step up and say no this is not right.

Selfishly I wanted Braylon to play because, let's be honest, he is our best deep threat until Week 5. But in the grand scheme of things DWI is nothing more than a luck of the draw with not getting caught or injuring someone. Braylon and every other NFL player who has gotten a DUI needs to step up. If Braylon truly wants to do right thing he should donate his game check to MADD. This doesn't excuse his action but will at least show us something rather than what we think he actually is.

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PETA needs to lets things go and get over it. This is about football and his ability to play football

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I agree with you on Dodger Stadium...It is not what it once was. Petco to me was overrated and lacked any great feel to it and San Fran is just awesome. Unique in a lot of different ways including where it is built.

Hawaii Will- Define Cookie Cutter.

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Have not been to PNC but have heard great things. To me Baltimore is my number 1. The stadium that got the ball rolling on all of this has had a lasting impact.

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I love the new team pick. OKC is probably the most fun team to watch in the NBA. I am not a huge NBA fun but I love that a team from OKC will be very good. The NBA is going to hate it!