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I'd rather just give a pair of shoes away than have to buy/wear any of them! They are butt-ugly and if I don't want to wear them...why is it nice for me to make someone else have to wear seems like a bad idea in the first place! so why copy bad ideas?? the least they could do is have a cool shoe.

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dude...just go visit her in Colorado and stop wining! just playin! great post bro! we've talked a lot about this recently!

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Jon...welcome to town. I'd love to grab a coffee when you get a chance. Let me know if I can serve you in any way. I'd love to help you get plugged in around here!

580 weeks ago @ Refine Us - A Heart That's Full · 2 replies · +1 points don't know how happy this post makes me. I've been praying for this for your family for a long time. I know how hard transitions can be, and you guys are rounding 1 and 1/2 years, so that is normally when you start to find your place..belonging..and contentment. I love that God has given you a full heart for all the right things. Thanks for sharing!

Much love,


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this story reminded me of how awesome you are. i like you Spence. you are a very good man!!

581 weeks ago @ Jenni Catron - Sisters, Sisters · 0 replies · +1 points just about made me cry. what a great post. i love the relationship that the two of you have. it is beautiful and rare.

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I am so stinkin honored to be a part of your story. I loved that you were vulnerable and honest enough to go through with this. Grant...I am so proud of you!! You are really becoming an incredible leader around Cross Point!!


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i'm on vacation this week...but I"d love to go to lunch next Wednesday...would that work for you??

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Hey bro...

I really love your blog...i've never dropped in to give my love...but I think you know that I love you!! I was wanting to ask you a question...How can I do my job better? Since you're on our can answer with some authority. don't hold back. i really want to learn. what could i read right now that would be timely?? I hope to always be an "L3" as well!

Much love my friend,


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Wow...thank you for taking the time to re-communicate all of that. I really enjoyed being a part of God's hand this weekend. He moved very powerfully! I have to say that you are a great example of self-sacrifice! At least I know that you've never treated me as if you were a hired care for this church and our staff as if they were your very own. Thanks are a fantastic leader!

Have a great week!