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Along a "parallel but inverse" line of thought:

"Work and live so that your activities will not DETRACT from God's glory!"

A Marine might phrase it: Don't dishonor the Corps!

Check six!

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(And they will take care of you!)

Great series, Artie!

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If you look closely you can see the fusion of humans in costume and real hamster heads, etc.

This is one reason that video might not be perfect evidence in court in the future!

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It surely beats the old "HAMSTER DANCE" song!

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Taking decisive action requires that you also take responsibility for the decision. That produces risk, and our culture, and the Church, is astoundingly risk-averse.

But, if I gotta go into a hot area, I want SEALS around me!

Check six!

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The first step in producing ANYTHING (an airplane, computer, evangelist, teacher, etc.) is to determine the item's desired characteristics and then identify the materials and processes needed to yield the desired result.

Secular industry has known this for decades. Sometimes, IMHO, the Church can learn from the World, as well.

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Great post, m'lady!

Once God tells you where to lead you have to also keep your eyes on that assignment until GOD gives you a new one.

Satan will use circumstances, unbelievers, and even close believing friends to divert you from God's mission objective!

Again, GREAT article!

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Scary. I have had a list very similar.

#1: I have the SAME question. Maybe it's because they don't hit and tackle!?!?! <grin>

On MOVIES: I've often wondered why someone hasn't started a "NOSTALGIA THEATER" that shows older, better movies like: PATTON, MALTESE FALCON, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS (really not as good on a small screen), etc. Instead of the standard style of theater, they could design the "experience" to compete with the desire to just "rent the Maltese Falcon and stay home". Maybe an "OSCAR CINEMA?"

If they had on-site child care/cinema they might make a fortune! <grin>
Enjoy the weekend!

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1a. The inability to delegate rises out of more than one thing:

- Fear, since you are not 100% in controls (NEWS FLASH: You never are!)
- Arrogance, since you think that YOUR WAY/IDEA is the only RIGHT WAY/IDEA.
- Inability to train your staff. If you have a staff member you can't delegate to, either train/educate him or replace him.

"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results." General George S. Patton.

2.a The old joke about insanity being the expectation of different results from doing the same thing over and over again applies, but I think a bigger root is PRIDE. You keep head-butting the wall because you just can believe that you might be wrong, incomplete, untrained, etc. Get over it and move out!

3. a "He who does not risk, cannot win" Admiral John Paul Jones, Father of the U.S. Navy (Had to memorize that at the Academy...)

"Never forget that no military leader has ever become great without audacity.” Von Clausewitz

4a. Again, Satan uses pride and fear to prevent us from consulting with others and learning from their experiences, pro and con. We fear that someone is after our pulpit. We fear someone will remember our failure or problems and not hire us at some future date. HOGWASH. God called us. God is the one we must please. He didn't put us here to stand alone, but to stand together. Eccl 4:9-10 and Prov 15:22 are germane.

5a. Delegation (#1) can allow you to focus on 2-3 things, but only if there is training of the "delegatees" and if the 2-3 additional things are coordinated and synergistic with the first thing. These are often "step goals/tasks" that support the overall mission objective. Think combined arms warfare. Infantry, Armor, Artillery, and air support (naval and air scouts <grin>) each focus on different objectives that support the over all battle plan. Each is FOCUSSED. The role of the leader (aka PASTOR) is to keep their focus on those things that support the operational objective that is being sought.

Good series, Artie. I know you'll be glad when I'm back in battery and don't have so much time on my hands! <grin>


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JOE: I agree. For instance, buying bottom-end computers forces you to upgrade more often, and may cause workers to spend time on the PC they need to spend elsewhere.

Industry uses the concepts of TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP and CYCLE-TIME.

- If something costs more initially but less to operate/maintain in the long term, it's better.
- If something (copier?) costs more but it's features and reliability free up staff time (that should be valued at $X/hour) then it is a good bargain. The "FREE LABOR" of volunteers can then be freed up from copying and folding and better used advancing the progress of the Kingdom in other ways.

I think it is worthwhile for those in ministry to spend time looking at how industry ensures quality and profits. If it helps industry be more efficient, EFFECTIVE, and COMPETITIVE, then it is probably applicable to the Church, too!

(I used to be a QA/Reliability Engineer and Six Sigma dude. <grin>)