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Hi Nile - Good topic, and equally good advice especially if someone is truly concerned about reputation. I had a political blog and I was anonymous, but I think if I wasn't anonymous, it would have done even better and I would have stuck with it.

Controversial topics are okay, and I even encourage them. Nothing like shaking up the blogosphere! There was a very lengthy discussion on the blogworld blog going on for quite some time, when someone (forgot his name, forgot the URL; was a few months ago) was attacked for stating personal opinion on his "corporate" Twitter account (although, he was the owner, not an employee or anything). Turned into a gigantic blog mess of comments. Worked well in his favor (but for awhile, was a little scary).


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Sorry about the Intense Debate glitch! I hope it gets worked out soon. Thanks for leaving the link to my post and it was great interacting with you over there and on Twitter this week!

Have a beautiful weekend, Gera!

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Thanks for including my post! This week, again, I'm pretty interested in your foodie listings. Lemon Verbana ice cream, yum! B)

Cheers, Gera.
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Hey Ileane, great post for someone who hasn't even entered the contest. :) You're really being very supportive.

I love CommentLuv and use it in a lot of ways. Below, I've used it to link to my contest entry, which I just created a separate feed for using FeedAge (html2rss). That way I could link directly to the post just by entering the feed as my site URL.

Hope you have a great weekend. Love your blog and I will have to come back more often.
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Gera! Can't wait to read the post about pushing a blog's pleasure buttons. Interesting that should be!!! lol

Thanks for featuring not one but two of my posts. I feel honored. :) And just thanks for being such an active blogger and all of that. You do a great job at connecting.

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Thanks, Gera! I really like DropBox and AVG also. I have not used CCleaner but I need to, so thanks for that.

I echo the others who say you're doing a great service for bloggers. Much appreciated!
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What's the buzzing from? Those suits are great. I've always been a bikini girl and lately have been feeling like changing to full body suits. No idea why. LOL Maybe I'm just getting old.
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Ooooh. I can't wait to go to that VitaCost site. This is a great post! So informative. :) And the picture is great!

Hope you're doing well.
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Love it, Gera! I don't know how in the world you have the time to pull off the lists, and how you mix food blogging with the other stuff is beyond me! :)

I'll be doing more posts about food blogs in the coming weeks. Hot topic. And I'm not a great cook or a foodie, really, but there's something about food blogs that just draws me in.

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#20 is cut off, but the post gives excellent advice!!! I think I'm following most, but haven't done much real lead generation. Right now, it's just about connecting and building trust.