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Thanks for this. I only thought that Elephant Journal was a waste of electrons. (Call me an optimist.)
It's evidently a whole lot less than that.

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p.s. how can you miss the music? there's 108,000 tonnes of great music on the web!

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Hey there Jules!
Bumped into someone in Chapel Hill just now on GPlus ... you came to mind.

TD lotsawa!

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Yoiks ... as explosive as magnesium. I hope this gets dealt with promptly; small fires spread fast.

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What I noticed: "Sparks" are generated by striking out into Google's search results. And the video available in "Hangouts"? Again: their contents.

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If I ever did ... and I've thought about it, often ... it would be nothing other than something dharmic. (While in uniform a friend and I checked into joining the Foreign Legion; we pledged that if we did do, we'd get combat dagger c/w twin snakes, and "Death Before Dishonor. *yoiks!)

Maybe a little vajra. Maybe on the inside of one wrist.

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A-list ... know what? I never found them interesting. I remember this kid (grade 3) who was always "out" because he had psoriasis. We became close friends. "Everyday magic" ... A-list types are just starved for stimulation, is all. It's an addiction. "Just sit" ... heh ... there's a ball-buster!


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Walking uptown from the Alberta Legislature (I was running sound for Hansard; best seat in the house!) I was thinking about the situation in South Africa (This was at the height of the anti-apartheid movement.) and I yet.again found myself staring at the foundations of civil society. Was my own community a shining example of justice? Could I point to paradigms of right-minded activity?

I ended up again where I had ended up so often before: it comes down to people of good will doing their bit as well as they could wherever they were with whatever they had at hand. And that got me fantasizing about civil servants. Oh, if we could enable and empower them! (Guess that shows me to be a leftie. Busted!)

"Incompetence is the thin edge of the wedge called corruption."
"The corruption of the best is the worst."

As a tech_docs hot-shot I've worked over 30yrs on 1 project: to apply transparency in a way that discloses the real dynamics and tensions behind policy decisions. Working towards that goal was gratifying. Twiddling my thumbs year after year having creating a workable design ... that's just raw pain.

stay well

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Oh, I wouldn't comment on the state of Dojo. That would look like I was claiming more ability than I have. I explored Dojo way, way back, basically just staying tuned in to how the diff libraries were developing. And I'd been watching Brad Neuberg's work, so that clicked. I liked the way they documented stuff; I use that as a kind of metric to how a project is designed.
So the primitive stuff I was doing a) wasn't a test of much, except maybe of learning curve (lovely!) and b) it was a long time ago.
I'd still turn to ExtJS for anything stand-alone, but am plenty happy with jQuery for WP related stuff.

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FWIW I came to jQuery (how's it go?) per force majeur ... the fact that it's default w/WP is a pretty good arm-twist! I happen to like ExtJS ... a lot. And I haven't taken to jQuery nearly as quickly. (I actually started with Dojo.) But in the end, it delivers!
Thanks for this.