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Amen. Mine are out of the diaper stage (or "nappies" as we call them over the pond), but I can definitely relate to the struggle! Family devotions have been hit and miss, but I'm doing my best with Bible stories and prayers at bedtime (thank you Jesus for Sally Lloyd-Jones), and have been _so_ blessed by that realisation that it's all about Jesus. The doctrine of election, far from being something scary and worrisome, is a joy and a burden lifted when it comes to thinking about my kids.

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My (limited) experience of expensive restaurants and hotels suggest to me that there are 2 types of them: "wannabe" establishments, which want to be seen as upper-class and exclusive, and therefore look down their nose at anyone who seems to fail to meet their standards of dress/money/etc, and "authentic" establishments, who are sufficiently secure in their own identity that they happily accept anyone, regardless of their appearance, and make everyone feel welcome.

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In terms of things I've stopped compromising on, it's good quality bread. Cheap bread is just plain horrible and unappetising, and makes me either want to avoid eating it, or wasting money buying something else for my lunch. Good bread isn't all that much more expensive, and it's worth it, IMHO.

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Top Gun has been consistently accused of being full of thinly-veiled homoerotic motifs. The joke here is that, because of this, when it's translated into another language the thin veil is removed - it's not necessarily Philippines specific.

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Every time people talk about working from home, all I can think about is this sketch:

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Not going anywhere. Looking forward to the new content.

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Wait..... _big_changes_ for HE?!? /me is nervous now :(

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In my front hall there are 4 lightswitches - kitchen, upstairs landing, hall and outside light*. All of different style. None of them straight.

* The outside light caused many issues when we moved in. I could never find the switch or fuse for it, and replacing the bulb didn't seem to do anything. Eventually, whilst other electrical work was being done in the house, I asked the electrician to look at it. Turns out it had never been wired to anything. :(

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Surely the time is right for the Star Trek slash-fic rom-com - "Bonking Borg"?

Or perhaps, in these times of financial austerity, a look at life at the bottom of the financial ladder, where every loaf counts: "Banking Bread"?

Or a remake of the Monkees, charting life as an up and coming music group - "Breaking Band"?

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He's riffing on the "Let go and let God" slogan.