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After the House of Lords Act 1999 passed, only 92 hereditary peers are still members of the House of Lords. (The other members are "Life Peers" whose titles are not passed on to their children.) When one of the 92 relinquishes a seat (by dying, or whatever) a special election is held, in which members of the House of Lords belonging to the party of the deceased can vote on whom they want to replace him. Monckton has run for an open seat in the House of Lords more than once, and has never received a single vote.

He recently aborted a planned run for the House of Commons, which is interesting because members of the House of Lords are specifically prohibited from running for the House of Commons.

If you want to see everything you need to whack Monckton over the head with this issue anytime he pops it out of his snake hole, see the following pages: