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I would replace the clips of Ann's rant with brief text snippets describing the hypocrisy, followed by the video montage. (This would also improve the sound issues.) Then again, the video's creator sort of made it around her rant. So they may not want to do that. In that case, I would definitely shorten some of the clips. After all, it's really long. Another option would be to break it down into a series of shorter videos. That way, you could include a brief clip from the original video in each one and a link if people want to watch the whole thing. Shorter is generally better. I really just think that she will come across to independent voters the way that Ron Paul supporters come across to me. The more important message here should be Mitt's hypocrisy, not her anger.

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WOW! Thank you. HillBuzz's support of BNI though the past few weeks is appreciated more than you know. The site is up at as noted, but it should switch over to the name in the next day or two.

I will post this article on my website today

Thanks again.


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I am a Jew and a right winger and I support Glenn Beck in his "crusade" for Israel. I am shocked that you have taken this position which sounds eerily like the Left wing Judenrats. Because of this, I will be removing your logo from my website.

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Just rig the dummy cars with bombs set to go off when the door opens.

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Not to worry, I found two more which YouTube doesn't yet know about:

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Someone should inform her that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where she could live openly as a lesbian. It makes me sick when I see queers parading around with signs that say "Queers for Palestine."

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Kim, I'd prefer to see her hanging at the end of a rope, the prescribed Islamic punishment for homosexuality.

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Hmmmm, I thought all the Jews for Hitler were dead by now?

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WEll, yes, I still get some but always tell them they've been reported to the FBI and an internet security service that tracks these threats for bloggers. Usually that's enough to stop them.

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I'm going to post that on the latest of all the Draw Muhammad stories I have posted. I guess it's your lucky day, Chris, I haven't gotten anything as bad as that.