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My sister-in-law gave me a recipe for chickpea cookies. They are so good and the family doesn't know the difference.

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I used to attend hot yoga but I once the promo was done I couldn't justify spending that much money. But I have heard that YogaGlo is a really good online program and the first month is free. I'm thinking of incorporating it into my week as I really mix the meditation and relaxation that yoga has to offer.

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With the windchill here today it's -34 F. Yup, you read that right! And I have to run tonight with my run club. I have no idea how I manage to stay warm but somehow I do it.
Sandals Whitehouse!!! Yay!! We were there last year and had an amazing time!! I can even see our room in the picture above. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We did a few excursions too if you want info on them. So happy for you!!

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Thanks for posting my comment and loved reading all the others! I just got back from a winter run and loved every second of it. It was a balmy -6 F but I was toasty roasty.

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I really enjoy running at night too or in the early morning before dawn. And I love what you are doing with BOMF. I wish there were programs in my city like that. I would definitely join!

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Love your honesty Ericka! There are many things that I have spent money on that were frivolous, not-needed, "in-the-moment" purchases. Some of them I regret and some of them I don't. My hubby and I went away last Feb on our honeymoon/10 year anniversary and I am so thankful that we waited. We were more financially set, didn't put ourselves into debt (like we would have if we did it after our wedding), and it was totally worth it when I think of the memories we created. Sure I was jealous of those that took a honeymoon right away but in hindsight I'm so happy that we waited.

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I love getting outdoors in the winter so that I don't go crazy sitting inside all the time. The winters are really long here up in Canada and can start to get to you if you don't get out and enjoy it. Just bundle up and have fun!

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I tweeted the instant link over at

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I've liked you on Facebook for awhile now because you're awesome!

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I don't dare hook up my Garmin to the computer! For fear that I'll mess it all up or get so frustrated I'll need a vacation to get away from it all. LOL At least I have the basics figured out. Well, not really figured out. More like someone taught me. hee hee