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The page throws an error: Stack overflow at line 9 (Not related to Kasab, I hope :))

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Hahaha.. B.Tech in Engllish Grammar Engineering - Priceless! I guess IIMs will be offering English Grammar Management courses also now? Seriously, these books suck no end. Well written! ~ From a #ChetanBlocked critc. :)

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Also, it appeared as if 3 Idiots won all the awards and a huuge big deal was made out of Amitabh Bachchan winning the Best actor award. It was almost as if there were no other awards. Kutty Srank, which won five awards including best picture, which was hardly mentioned. And the fiasco omitting the Maestro from all reports was unpardonable. As Micheal Jackson has said, Bloody Tabloid Junkies! #Fail.

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Well said. Even I stopped watching these news channels.

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On the contrary, I believe that lack of innovation is NOT the issue. The issue is that basics are forgotten. As Mr.Mahajan rightly said, everything is being pushed to everyone, like water being thrown out of the window hoping it will land on some plants below. Instead of screaming 'Innovation!!' and trying over the top to develop that 'path-breaking' product which makes no sense and will add to the clutter, more effort should be put into segmentation, positioning and getting the basics of sales techniques right, and then go ahead with innovation.

There is no sense in trying to sell everything to everyone. Has never worked.

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Not bothered about the intent or whatever of the author, the article made perfect sense, for me atleast, just another guy who is fed up with all useless job portals. Maybe people should learn to appreciate things first hand, rather than going deep 'researching' about everything. ____I dont have any connection to the author, just that the article made a lot of sense.