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I've been thinking about this too. And while we have family close, I always use to baby sitting for useful things like doctors appointments and doing taxes. The "date" nights we have had have been mostly work parties and a wedding. Which I suppose are dates, but I would rather go to a movie. I'm going to a movie, dammit. I'm asking this week. And then I will rub it in your face, heh.
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So cute!

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I love all of these, but maybe the arches the most. Great, great photos.
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Hope she feels better soon!
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What a great video!

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Congrats! That's awesome. I love the design.
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I've done this very same thing.
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Yay! go you! Somehow in my reader I skipped over the title of this post and thought it was someone else's blog post. I was reading it, thinking "that's funny. This sounds exactly like Nichole." And then I got to the picture of Katie's adorable face and all was right with the world.

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I'm going to BlogHer and would love new cards!

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Forgive me for leaving a dumb comment like "pretty!" but they are and I'm tired and that's all I got.
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