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Parenting styles? How many kids to have? No, no - we have opinions about important things...Like TV commercials. :)
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Shockingly, the Crowe's have opinions about this! :)

Though Mike loves the coining of the term "shankapotomus" here:

My favorite is the golden pipes, here:

(I don't love the Huggies commercial) E*Trade wins here - though don't tell my brother, the financial advisor!

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I thank you for the nudge to purge! (AGAIN, since we've already had one garage sale this summer!) As a lady who has moved approximately 16 times in the last 13 years - I don't like stuff and have been used to the almost unavoidable "spring cleaning" that occurs when you are considering what goes in the moving truck and what can be removed from your life. SO - thanks for the inspiration and reorganization of the "necessities."
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That lady is INCREDIBLY creative! I love the banana boat - but the sandwich train has been my favorite for a long time!

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oh yeah - that's that thing that God and I have been working on - FOR YEARS!____Or, as my son would say, "Just like Junior Asparagus" (I'm assuming you guys have seen the Abraham Veggie Tales)