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When you "Like" this article on facebook it says "Alex likes You got a STD...?" ....hilarious.

451 weeks ago @ DealerRefresh - You got a STD? (Social... · 0 replies · +1 points

I like the Social Media Fairy graphic.

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I made that scenario up, but it is based on a whole lot of issues I've experienced in the past. I do recall dropping some brain cells once and forgetting that we switched our and Autotrader feeds from our inventory tool to our website provider. A few months after making the switch I did have a problem with the feed. We still had our inventory tool sending a feed to them too, but wasn't picking it up (that was the right thing to do). It only took me about 2 days to remember we were sending through and not HomeNet - I felt bad for HomeNet having to work through my stupidity. Once I remembered a quick call to cleared it all up.

There are so many people involved and so many steps it is amazing any of us can really keep up with the whole process.

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Great post Todd. Very well said.

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Mitchell - I am just trying to hold someone accountable for his own words. This has nothing to do with anything else.