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I suppose it's a matter of what you mean by "theological validation." I'd say it's a matter of testing of spirits and "by their fruits ye shall know them." I'd also say I am most sensitised about issues that actually touch the creeds or find substantial mention in the Bible. But any validation any of us can offer is human, provisional and subject to judgment — Who, when all is said and done, is Paul? Who is Appollos?Just servants of God. I find this to be very much 2 Corinthians territory.

12 years ago @ An Exercise in the Fun... - Why James Jones is Wrong · 2 replies · +2 points

As I read the Sciptures, theological validation isn't a human job, but God's at the consummation of everything, when he is all in all. Therefore, says Paul, remember that everyone's work will be tested in the day that dawns with fire, but judge nothing before the time. These things are written for our learning. Without some capacity to be "all things to all" (to quote another phrase of Paul's) Christianity becomes captive within a particular culture. Pushed for an illustration I would want to examine the way Christian missions handled and mishandled the issue of polygamy in African contexts.