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We usually start walking or riding our bikes more places. Our town is not very friendly to that, but it can save a good chunk of money when you drive a bigger SUV (due to the size of our family).

We also buy the almost see better days produce, if we are going to use it that day or the next.
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I usually take the girls pack them in the stroller and go for a really long walk, we are talking 10+ miles and usually end up at a place called Starbucks for a treat. I can then come home and take up what chores need to be done or talk the girls into a nap. My other option is finding a great book and reading outside while the kids play.

I so remember the days of a husband with weird hours, yuk. I am now the person that works weird hours, but they are only 3 hours at a time. I do love the post it notes at the top.

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Craft day here. I have three birthday presents I am working on and then packing for a quick trip.

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Lable and box. Box and lable.

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Ooh I love Chai. I use it as my afternoon warm drink as I need my coffee in the morning and try to not keep having my coffee all afternoon.

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I really needed to get back to menu planning

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I am going to have to try this. I have about 7 chickens in the freezer and need to start getting them used up. If frozen would you take them out and put them in the fridge one or two days before?

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Have fun and safe travels!

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I think that would be a nice get away for me:)

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Sounds like a fun cookbook, but I am from MN living is SD and would have no idea if the book was true to Southern or not ;)
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