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Thanks for the follow - I love your "30 before 30" list.
Following you back.
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Thank you so much,...I am now seeing this and trust it is at the right time.
Been feeling down and just reflecting on life and decisions I have made,..regrets, etc. It was nice to see that someone thinks my blog has substance...which must say something to my character:-)
Thanks so definitely made my day!!!!
...Oh and I am definitely with you on that looking back at old pics when you thought you were fat and realizing you would love to go back to that fat size...LOL

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Well this is certainly a video I can relate too! I have been out of work for 15 months now!
Like you - I have sent out my resume, posted for several jobs online (monster, career builder, company sites, etc), contacted former co-workers that and tried to network through them (like you said it is about who you know), all to no avail! At this point I feel like throwing my hands up and saying to hell with this...but alas can't do that when you have two kids to take care of!
Anyway...before this turns into a personal rant about being unemployed (LOL), I just want to say enjoy your conference and keep ya head up...after all you are a "Cubicle Chick"! ;-)

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This was a great read! Thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations! That's great!
I am also on a weight loss/healthy living quest! I just created a personal "boot camp" challenge for myself that I started at the beginning of the month. It includes no soda (which I stared March 1), no red meat (started March 1), no bread, pasta, rice or junk food. Exercising twice a day and only drinking water.
So far it's been going well...I am surprised that I am not craving the foods as much as I thought I would and I am forced to make healthier choices and really think about what I am eating.
A website that you might find helpful - there are tips on healthy eating, exercises, etc and also several groups that you can join to keep you encouraged and to encourage others.
Best of luck!