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Still very much with the 'early adopters' I think.... but we ( ) will soon be installing a few hundred for an energy utility over here, so that will be good to see what the 'general population' thinks of it!

577 weeks ago @ Rob the Geek - Profiling my Power · 2 replies · +1 points

Hi Rob, a great post - the detail you have included is very useful.

I like your comment "if the stars have aligned..." I agree it's not the simplest set-up (Google PowerMeter), but once working it's great (and for the less geeky - the display on the meter itself is pretty good on its own anyway)

By the way, we are currently retailing this device (see below) and would be happy to post to NZ:

Your readers may be interested to read some of the "why use this meter" items we have included above.