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Thanks for talking about this Ron. If the question is why are we still so divided racially in the church, I have a quick 3-point answer:

1. That is the way it has always been. Very few are willing to make the necessary changes to bring change, i.e., a white or black pastor bringing on staff a fellow pastor of another race and sharing the stage time. If it's not up front, it's a FAKE!

2. Not being intentional. Diversity just doesn't fall out of the sky because you put on a good show! It takes incredible sensitivity, planning and intentionality. There must be an agressiveness about learning other cultures and reflecting them in your church.

3. Complacency. "Hey, we have 2,000 people, it doesn't matter they are all white, and the community we live in is 40% African-American. As long as we "feel" we are being successful (and numbers can hide a lot), we become content. We have to do church biblicaly, not just numerically!

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Great list Ron, Now if you can find a few that encompass all those traits, then you can conquer the world!

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Hey Ron, great Q! Let's see...Should a Christian boycott? Yes. privately mostly. Publicly... Rarely only if a grave injustice is being committed that is undeniably harmful to many. To many "boycotts" give Chirst-Followers a bad rep, it tells everyone we are against more things than we are for.

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Great post Mike. A couple things come to mind that are really high-marks of real effective leaders:
Humility (Giving and lifting others up) &
Teach-ability (The willingness to learn from any and everyone)

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Hey Lance, love the post. I really have not thought about chaos being a reveler like that. Great perspective!

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Great summary buddy! That was your shortest ever! Thanks my bro! Gold bless.

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I like that Buddy! If you have to go in, you better trust those you are with! Good stuff bro!

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Thanks Dan, appreciate the comment.

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Good insight Dennis and good application

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Thanks Karla. Appreciate you stopping by.