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FYI, the old post problem is related to your server and the amount of posts WLW pulls at a time. PHP is set to not allow using over a certain amount of memory per process, so it crashes. If you have access to changing PHP variables on the fly, here's my solution that solves this (YMMV, dependent on your host - if you have root, this solution definitely works):

I love WLW to death, even with all its quirks, but I was very disappointed like you that it brought no new features. I did notice one crash bug was fixed (and probably more under the hood) - WLW 2011 used to crash if you try to edit long posts with lots of images, while said posts are downloading said images. Now it just disables input until all downloads are done.
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Did you forget to insert the link to AP? :-/

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Charm is not an AT&T device.

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I count 5 other cities, FWIW.

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Great work! Now can we get some larger versions? Those are tiny.

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Look at every other post they have. They do the same shit over and over again in pathetic attempts to get traffic (unfortunately successful).

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Ozcarguide is the scum of the earth, biggest bullshit "news" site on the web. No credit, no backlinks, no comments, rumors stated as facts - they're so full of shit, it's stopped being funny a long time ago.

Ban reporting based on Ozcarguide. It should be a campaign.

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What, nobody noticed? "text-to-speed software"

Common snafu, MG.

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Hey Andrew,

I think the only explanation to why they didn't publish the app during I/O is that it wasn't ready yet. If it was... then Qik PMs are insane.

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Absolutely correct, and EVO 4G's camera is much better than, say, the one I had in the Hero (5MP) but still pales in comparison to even an old Canon SD 450 point and shoot. It's more about the sensor size than the MPs - MPs are more of a marketing gimmick.